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09 is the UK's Premium Rate number range. Charges to callers can go as high as £1.53 per minute, and substantial revenue share of up to £1.33 per minute is available to you as the operator of an 09 premium rate service. Charges can be levied per-second, or a fixed fee per-call, or a mix of the two.

Traditionally used for chat lines, competition lines, and adult entertainment services, many successful businesses have been built on premium rate numbers. Premium rate services are regulated by PhonePayPlus, the premium rate regulator.

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Premium Rate Numbers from Switchconnect

As one of the UK's leading Telephone Service Providers, Switchconnect can supply a wide range of 09xx premium rate numbers with a wide choice of charging plans.

Build telephone based businesses

09 numbers can be used to offer a wide range of services, some of the more common uses include:

  • Paid support services
  • Tipster lines
  • Psychic readings
  • Adult entertainment
  • Competitions
  • TV voting

How do I get started?

You can purchase a Premium Rate number directly from us, either over the phone or via our website. Before you can offer services to the public you need to register with PhonePayPlus. Once you are registered, your services can start. If you'd like more information or want to discuss the necessary processes, feel free to call is on 0845 652 2222 for expert information.

Multiple plans and rates are available

09 numbers are divided by prefix into various charging groups, where all numbers under a specific prefix will charge at the same rate, this helps consumers to know what they are liable to be charged for different types of call - for instance a technical support helpline will usually charge a lower rate than a psychic or adult service. Just a few examples of the options available with 09 numbers from Switchconnect are:

  • 090 5932 - 61p per call, then 61p per minute after the first 60 seconds.
  • 090 5160 - 51p per minute throughout.
  • 090 8124 - £1.53 per minute, Adult services.
  • 090 4169 - £1.53 per minute, general services.
  • 090 4171 - £1.12 per minute throughout.
  • 090 8285 - 41p per call, Adult services.
  • 090 1770 - 41p (peak) / 28p (all other times) per minute throughout.
  • 090 4094 - 26p per minute throughout.
  • 090 8301 - 10p per call, Adult services.
  • 090 6237 - 6p (peak) / 2.5p (all other times) per minute throughout.

That's just a small snapshot of the range of price plans available, call us on 0845 652 2222 to speak to an expert and discuss your exact requirements, or click the "Select from a wide range of Premium Rate options" button in the "Do it yourself!" box above to view details (including charging options) of, and select from, the full range of 09 numbers we have available.

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