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Connecting your business

The heart of any business is communication. Just like the nerves and veins in a human body, our communication systems and facilities are the lifelines by which commerce and trade, profit and turnover, move throughout our business environment.

Good communications are vital

Here at Switchconnect, we make it our business to fully connect your business. With virtual PBX systems, with SIP telephony, with the latest developments in communications technology, and backed up by a solid and dependable, fully owned network infrastructure, we make your business connections better.

Services for professionals

Switchconnect is the telecoms industry's leading provider of virtual phone services specifically designed for small businesses and mobile professionals. Starting with a single business phone number using our Virtual Office services, we enable SME businesses with powerful and flexible phone systems that connect all members of your organisation through multiple devices and handsets. We can replace your existing facilities, or our services can sit directly on top of what you already have in place, enabling advanced facilities like phone menus, multiple targets, time based routing (so you can handle calls differently in or out of business hours, or midweek and weekends), fax to email, etc. Switchconnect business communication services are equipped with advanced call and fax features that match traditional and expensive PBXs used by large corporations.

Phone numbers too!

Switchconnect also sells business telephone numbers, including the nationally recognised 0845 numbers, 087x numbers, and 0800 Freephone ranges, as well as local geographic numbers for every location in the UK. You don't need to have a physical presence in a location to use these numbers, we can route them to you anywhere, even to your mobile phone, so you can use them to present a "virtual" local presence in local markets. We have a range of affordable pricing plans, and all of our numbers come with advanced automated call handling facilities providing a wide range of helpful facilities such as voice menus, fax-to-email services, and more.

Connecting everyone!

Whether you are starting a business, are an established call centre, a government body, or are simply looking to more accurately measure your marketing campaigns, we will have numbers to suit you!

Unsure which of is right for your company? Call us on 0845 652 2222 and speak to our experienced team to help you choose the correct number for your particular business with the minimum of fuss.

Who We Are

We are Switchconnect, and communication is our business. We have experienced, knowledgeable, approachable support staff available on a normal rate telephone number and by email ticket system. We own and run our own network infrastructure, including carrier-class telephone switches connected directly to the main BT core national network, plus state of the art Voice over IP (VoIP) servers hosted in Telehouse Docklands, the UK's premier network data hub. Any requirements, any size of business, any solution. We can do that.

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