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0871 National Rate Business Numbers

Revenue share of up to 5 pence per minute

Ideal numbers for advanced technical services, where the revenue share from the call can help to offset the cost of providing the service.

A range of rates is available with charges to callers from a basic 5p per minute up to 10p per minute, with revenue share.

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Revenue generating numbers for support services

Do you have support services that require skilled staff to deliver, and to which you want to mildly discourage casual calls while partly offsetting the cost of providing the service with revenue from the calls you receive? 0871 is the range you need.

How does an 0871 number work?

As with all of our number ranges, when you purchase an 0871 number from Switch you gain access to our "SwitchINS" control portal, where you can route your number to almost any destination, including your existing landline of mobile* phone. When callers dial your 0871 number the calls are instantly passed on to the destination you specify, and you receive the calls as usual. The caller is charged the appropriate rate by their telephone provider, and a portion of that revenue is then passed on through the telephone network to us. We then credit your Switch account with your share of this revenue, entirely automatically, and as soon as the revenue share rises above £20, you can invoice us and receive your pay-out.

* Note that to enable routing of your 0871 number to mobile destinations, there is a one-off £10 administration fee, but once this is paid you can then change the mobile destination a will and with no further charges.

A choice of charging plans and revenue rates

We offer multiple ranges of 0871 numbers, each with a different charging plan, and revenue share plan. You can choose from basic rate 0871 charging callers 5p per minute and typically with revenue share of about 2.5p per minute, up to 10p per minute rates, with varying levels of revenue share.

Note that there is a £20 per month minimum on paying out revenue, any revenue below that will be 'rolled over' to the following month until the £20 minimum is reached.

Detailed statistics and reports available

Our SwitchINS control and reporting portal contains a wealth of reports and graphs you can view at any time, so you can see how many calls you are receiving through your 0871 number and keep track of your revenue in real time. In addition, every month you will receive an Advice Note by email, containing a PDF with full details of the previous month's calls and any revenue due to you, you can then use the data in the Advice Note to invoice us for your revenue share.

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