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0800 is the iconic freephone range, known nationally as the definitive free-to-call number range, when calls are placed from landline phones. Widely used by both charities and businesses, 0800 conveys the message that you want to hear from callers.

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Freephone 0800

Connections lie at the heart of business, so show potential customers that you want to connect with them by giving them a freephone 0800 number to call you on. Calls to 0800 are free of charge for callers from landlines, so using one can encourage people to call your sales lines.

We can connect your 0800 number to any phone, anywhere, you can receive the calls in a call centre, on your mobile, through your existing business phone system, wherever suits you. With our automated on-line services, you can even change your number's connections at the click of a mouse.

Can I still use my landline that the 0800 number is pointed to?
Yes. The 0800 number we provide you will just sit on top of your existing service. People will still be able to call your landline or mobile and the 0800 number will not interfere with any existing service that you have.

Wide market recognition - the UK's 0800 freephone range has been in use for over 30 years, so has fantastic brand recognition among consumers. Connect with a Switch 0800 number, and you are connecting your business to a solid brand with national presence.

Questions and answers about 0800 numbers:

How long will my 0800 number take to go live?
As soon as your payment has cleared it will only take minutes to get your number in service.

When I call out will people see the 0800 number as my phone number?
Not by default, however if you want your 0800 number to appear as your calling ID, you can do one of two things:

  1. You could switch to using our VoIP service to place calls, either with a VoIP phone or our smartphone VoIP app.
  2. You can speak to your existing phone line provider about adding a service called CLIP (Calling Line Identity Presentation) to your existing landline. This will allow you to call out and present your 0800 number as your phone number.

Why are Gold or Platinum 0800 numbers more expensive?
Because they are highly sought after. In today's fast-moving business environment, companies need catchy, memorable numbers to use in advertising where the potential customer may only have a few seconds to take in your message. A highly memorable phone number helps, but there are only so many easy to remember combinations. Grab yours today!

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